Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Critter Club: Duck on a Bike

 Critter Club

Hi Everyone! Today's story is 'Duck on a Bike' by David Shannon

Here are our worksheets 

In the book, Duck passes a lot of animals on his bike ride. The animals make their sounds at Duck. The Cow says "moo", the Cat says "meow." Try this interactive game and see if you can guess what animals are making the sounds.

Our craft for the week is peddling feet!
You need: a roll of packing tape or duct tape, two bamboo (or other) skewers, two straws, and two pieces of sturdy paper. Ask your grown ups to help!!
Somehow I missed the straws in the picture, but you need them!

First thing is to trace your feet. 

Next step is to cut your paper feet out and tape the skewers to them like I did.

Then take the straws and put them over the ends of the wood skewers.

After you've got the straws on the wood skewers, you're going to tape them onto the inside of the roll of tape. One on the top, one on the bottom. This can be tricky!! Make sure you allow your grown-ups to help you!

Trim off the pieces of the straw that are sticking out

Take your feet to the floor and roll away!

Online Games:
This game wants to know how well you remember the book

See how far you can get duck though the maze...Don't get burned!!

Have fun! See you next week!!
Miss Kelly

Monday, April 12, 2021

Linda's Book Review: A Trial of Sorcerers

 Linda's Book Review
A Trial of Sorcerers
Elise Kova

Description from Amazon:  
Ice is in her blood.

Eighteen-year-old Waterrunner, Eira Landan lives her life in the shadows — the shadow of her older brother, of her magic’s whispers, and of the person she accidentally killed. She’s the most unwanted apprentice in the Tower of Sorcerers until the day she decides to step out and compete for a spot in the Tournament of Five Kingdoms.

Pitted against the best sorcerers in the Empire, Eira fights to be one of four champions. Excelling in the trials has its rewards. She’s invited to the royal court with the “Prince of the Tower,” discovers her rare talent for forbidden magic, and at midnight, Eira secretly meets with a handsome elfin ambassador.

But, Eira soon learns, no reward is without risk. As she comes into the spotlight, so too do the skeletons of a past she hadn’t even realized was haunting her.

Eira went into the trials, ready for a fight. Ready to win. She wasn’t ready for what it would cost her. No one expected the candidates might not make it out with their lives.

A Trial of Sorcerers is the first book in a brand new, young adult, epic fantasy series intended for readers who love stories involving: sorcerer competitions, slow-burn romance, adventures to distant lands, and elemental magic.

My Review 


Linda J Bowser

  I enjoyed the Trial of Sorcerers. If you like magic and adventures in fantasy, and a slow-burn romance then you will enjoy this book too.

   It starts out slow and at first I wasn't sure about it, but if you hang in there it takes off and gets much better. 

  18-year-old Eria has always been the underdog. Hiding behind her brother's success and the watchfulness of her family. She has always known she was different from the other sorcerers. Her magic is powerful but untamed. She always felt her magic calling her to another land called Meru.

  Eria stumbles across a hidden room with many passages. Inside the room are journals from a past sorcerer who was using dark magic. Who was this sorcerer? What does she have to do with Eira's past?

 She finds out some of her past when her parents finally reveal their secrets hidden from her when she enters the Tournament of Five Kingdoms. Her family is against her entering because they want her brother to win. They also are afraid of Eira's magic and the truth it might bring to the surface. Eira wants to win because winning means a trip to Meru where she can search for answers to who she is and why her magic is special. 

 I can't wait until book 2!


3 AND 1/2 STARS!

Friday, April 9, 2021

Friends of the Library: Sandy Ciccarelli

 Friends of the Library

 Our Library is lucky enough to enjoy a Friends of the Library group. This group was formed as a non-profit charitable group to help support our library. Most Friends groups are adaptable groups that fit the needs of the communities and the libraries they support. In our case, the Friends of the Library runs our used book store (we always welcome donations), helps us purchase necessary items for the library and supports our children and youth programs through volunteer work, advocacy, and fundraising.

The mission of our Friends is to advocate and raise awareness of the library and its many programs.

Welcome Friend, Sandy Ciccarelli

    Sandy is a member of our Friends group who enjoys reading mystery novels. She has too many authors on her list to name a favorite!
    In her spare time she enjoys gardening. 
Thank you, Sandy, for all you do for us!

If you are interested in joining our Friends of the Library group contact the library or speak to one of our members!

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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Here at the Library: Random Facts

Here at the Library

     At the end of each post I ask for suggestions from our readers. One such suggestion was to randomly open an encyclopedia and write on whatever topic the book opened to. However, we no longer have encyclopedias. Encyclopedia Britannica ceased publication in 2012, World Book is still in print but sells mostly to schools for use as teaching tools for library research skills. 
    We DO have a lot of books with random facts. Have a look at our card catalog and type 'facts' into the search there are a wide variety books to choose from. 
    With that in mind, instead of choosing one random fact to write on, I thought I would give you a lot of random facts to ponder. 

Junk food is as addictive as drugs.

A cubic inch of human bone can bear the weight of 5 standard pick-up trucks.

Pogonophobia is the fear of beards.

Most American cars honk in the key of F.

There is a city called 'Rome' on every continent except Antarctica.
Peanuts are one of the ingredients used in making dynamite.

Dr. Seuss invented the word 'nerd'.

A giraffe can go longer without water than a camel can.

Cap'n Crunch's real name is Captain Horatio Magellan Crunch.

The super soaker was designed and invented by a NASA engineer.

No number from 1 to 999 includes the letter 'a' in its word form.

Hunting unicorns is legal in the state of Michigan. 

Pteronophobia is the fear of being tickled by feathers.

7% of American adults believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows.

Water bottle expiration dates are for the bottle, not the water. 

It is illegal to own just one guinea pig in Switzerland.

It's impossible to hum while plugging your nose.

Each year hundreds of trees grow because squirrels forget where they buried their food.

Pineapples take two years to grow.

Heat is the deadliest weather condition.

Cows kill more people annually than sharks.

House cats share 95.6% of their genetic makeup with tigers.

Looking at puppies can make you more productive.

Some stray dogs in Cuba are given homes in state institutions including banks and museums.

Sweden is the world's highest candy consumer. Based on a 2016 study, Swedes consume 35 pounds of candy per person, per year. They dedicate every Saturday to eating candy.

Arthur Boycott checked out a school library book at Herford Cathedral School. His granddaughter returned it 120 years later. 

I hope you enjoyed today's selection of random facts. I hope you learned something new or interesting! Thanks for reading!!
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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Critter Club: Bugs

Critter Club

Hi Everyone! Today we're looking at bugs! Bugs are so interesting and do so much good work for us! Here are some fun bug facts for you!

Caterpillars have 12 eyes
Mosquitos like smelly feet
Grasshoppers were around before dinosaurs

Our story for today is The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

In your packet is a game for you to play. Mix up the cards so you don't know what order they are in.  Turn all the cards face down so that you can see the fly on the back. Turn one over and see if you can find its match. If you can't turn the first card back over and try again. If you make a match, take those two cards away. Keep going until you've made all the matches! If you get stuck, ask your grown up for help.

If you aren't a patron of our library or can't pick up a packet, here is an online bug memory game for you to try:

Our craft for today is Bug Rings. You have a bee and a ladybug. 

In this picture the bee is together and the ladybug is before it's put together

There is a small slit in the white strip on each side. I'm trying to show it in this picture.

This short video shows how to put together the ring, I'll bet it's easier for you to do with both hands!

There are two bug worksheets for you to do this week.

Here are some online things for you to try:
Help Curious George catch some bugs

There are a lot of fun things to do with bugs on the Orkin Website

Have Fun!! 
Miss Kelly


Monday, April 5, 2021

Linda's Book Review: The Electric Kingdom

Linda's Book Review

The Electric Kingdom
David Arnold

Amazon Description 

New York Times bestseller David Arnold's most ambitious novel to date; Station Eleven meets The 5th Wave in a genre-smashing story of survival, hope, and love amid a ravaged earth.

When a deadly Fly Flu sweeps the globe, it leaves a shell of the world that once was. Among the survivors are eighteen-year-old Nico and her dog, on a voyage devised by Nico's father to find a mythical portal; a young artist named Kit, raised in an old abandoned cinema; and the enigmatic Deliverer, who lives Life after Life in an attempt to put the world back together. As swarms of infected Flies roam the earth, these few survivors navigate the woods of post-apocalyptic New England, meeting others along the way, each on their own quest to find life and love in a world gone dark. The Electric Kingdom is a sweeping exploration of art, storytelling, eternal life, and above all, a testament to the notion that even in an exterminated world, one person might find beauty in another.

My Review

 I did not like this book. My reason is that it throws you into the story with no background. I felt like I was reading a book from the middle and had no idea what was happening. The feeling you get when you missed the first half of a movie. I read to page 167 and had to give up because it just jumped around too much for me. Also, the author has one of the characters refer to his mother as MY DAKOTA. Dakota is her first name. Even when the narrator of the story talks about the child's mother it says HIS DAKOTA. I found that odd. It may be explained later on in the story. I do not know. It annoyed me and didn't make sense to me. This book just wasn't my cup of tea. You may like it, but it just didn't work for me. 

 No Rating Since I Did Not Finish the Book!

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Here at the Library: April Fools'

Here at the Library

 Today is April Fools' Day. The day when practical jokes, hoaxes, tricks and more are considered to be 100% acceptable. Where did the tradition come from? When did it start?
    No one knows when it all began. There are no definitive answers but several possibilities. One is the Greco-Roman festival of Hilaria which included parades, masquerades, and jokes to celebrate the Vernal Equinox.
Festival of Hilaria
Others think that it has to do with the change to the Gregorian Calendar. In the Middle Ages, the new year was celebrated on March 25th with a holiday that ended on April 1st. As the world switched to  the Gregorian Calendar and a 'new' new year on January 1st, some people were slow to get the news. These people continued to celebrate during the last week in March making them the recipients of jokes and pranks. 
    There are a few references to April Fools' Day throughout history. One is by Geoffrey Chaucer in 1392's Canterbury Tales. He writes of a 'vain cock Chauntlceer' being tricked by a fox on March 32nd. We know that there is obviously no March 32nd, so the trick took place on April 1. 
    There are mentions of April Fools' Day in France as early as 1508, however the first certain mention to the 'holiday' comes from a 1561 poem by Eduard DuDene. In the poem, a nobleman sends his servant on many pointless and crazy errands. The servant realizes he has been sent on many 'fool's errands' because it's April 1st.
"The First of April some do say,
   is set apart for All Fool's Day,
But why the people call it so,
Nor I, nor they themselves do know."

    One of the earliest recorded pranks was in 1698. People of London were told to go to the Tower of London to see the annual washing of the lions. The people showed up, only to realize they'd been tricked. However, the prank worked so well that people kept pulling it year after year- mostly on visitors. 

In more recent history, April Fools' Day has become a large scale day of mischief. From spaghetti growing on trees to a fast food chain buying the Liberty Bell. There are few boundaries for pranks and hoaxes. Take a look at some of the best. 

Swiss Spaghetti Harvest

1. The Swiss Spaghetti Harvest
    On April 1, 1957, British Broadcasting Corporation told viewers there had been an "exceptionally heavy spaghetti crop" in Switzerland, primarily due to the disappearance of the spaghetti weevil. 
    Footage of Swiss farmers pulling strands of spaghetti from trees accompanied the story.

    Many called BBC wanting to know how to grow their own spaghetti tree, to this BBC replied: "Place a sprig of spaghetti in a tin of tomato sauce and hope for the best."

                                               Mt. Edgecumbe, Alaska and Oliver "Porky" Bikar perpetrator of the prank 

2. The Eruption of Mt. Edgecumbe
    In 1974, residents of Sitka, Alaska woke on the morning of April 1 to see a menacing plume of black smoke rising from the top of Mt. Edgecumbe, a long dormant volcano. Residents called local authorities and a Coast Guard chopper was sent to investigate. 
    Stacked in the cone of the crater, burning away, was a huge stack of old tires. Spray-painted in 50 ft high letters: April Fool. 
    This prank was 4 years in the making as Oliver "Porky" Bikar had the idea in 1970. He simply had to wait for the weather to cooperate. The morning of April 1, 1974 broke with clear skies and Porky's plan was on. With the help of a local helicopter pilot, Porky hauled stacks of tires into the crater, lit them afire, and left his message. 

    3. Taco Bell buys the Liberty Bell
    In 1996 Taco Bell ran a newspaper advertisement announcing it had purchased the Liberty Bell. A copy of the ad is shown above.
    The ad was met with shock and outrage from the American public.        
    At noon on April 1st, Taco Bell issued a press release confessing the joke. Despite the confession, the company received criticism. Spokesman for the company at the time, Jonathan Blum, offered this defense: "For those who didn't get the joke and care about the bell, just think about how much more recognition we've given it in one day."

One year, I rolled the toothpaste back in the tube and squeezed mustard into it. My children were not amused! April Fools' Day is fun! Do your harmless worst...don't tell my kids but chocolate covered pickles are on the menu this year!

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Critter Club: Duck on a Bike

 Critter Club Hi Everyone! Today's story is 'Duck on a Bike' by David Shannon Here are our worksheets  In the book, Duck passes ...