Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Critter Club: Easter

 Critter Club

Today's story is Pete the Cat's Big Easter Adventure

For our craft we're going to be making a bouncing bunny!

You will probably need your grown-ups help for some of this. These are all the pieces you need. You also have a roll of tape and you will need some sicssors. 

First thing, take the straws and tape them together at the bendy part. I used blue tape so you could see it better. 

Take the two white circles and use your glue stick to glue the hearts in the middle of the circles. These are the bunny's paws.

There are three holes in the white cup. You are going to put the taped together straws through the holes. The middle goes through the bottom hole, the others through the sides. Like shown in the picture. 

Now you will want to trim the side straws and the top 3 a bit.

Tape the paws onto the side straws and the bunny head on the top. 

Pull the bottom straw to make the bunny bounce!

We have a few worksheets

Here are some fun online Easter activities:

Have fun with a virtual egg hunt

Practice counting with the Nick Jr. crew

Enjoy the other goodies in your Easter bag! Have a Happy Easter!
Miss Kelly

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