Thursday, April 8, 2021

Here at the Library: Random Facts

Here at the Library

     At the end of each post I ask for suggestions from our readers. One such suggestion was to randomly open an encyclopedia and write on whatever topic the book opened to. However, we no longer have encyclopedias. Encyclopedia Britannica ceased publication in 2012, World Book is still in print but sells mostly to schools for use as teaching tools for library research skills. 
    We DO have a lot of books with random facts. Have a look at our card catalog and type 'facts' into the search there are a wide variety books to choose from. 
    With that in mind, instead of choosing one random fact to write on, I thought I would give you a lot of random facts to ponder. 

Junk food is as addictive as drugs.

A cubic inch of human bone can bear the weight of 5 standard pick-up trucks.

Pogonophobia is the fear of beards.

Most American cars honk in the key of F.

There is a city called 'Rome' on every continent except Antarctica.
Peanuts are one of the ingredients used in making dynamite.

Dr. Seuss invented the word 'nerd'.

A giraffe can go longer without water than a camel can.

Cap'n Crunch's real name is Captain Horatio Magellan Crunch.

The super soaker was designed and invented by a NASA engineer.

No number from 1 to 999 includes the letter 'a' in its word form.

Hunting unicorns is legal in the state of Michigan. 

Pteronophobia is the fear of being tickled by feathers.

7% of American adults believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows.

Water bottle expiration dates are for the bottle, not the water. 

It is illegal to own just one guinea pig in Switzerland.

It's impossible to hum while plugging your nose.

Each year hundreds of trees grow because squirrels forget where they buried their food.

Pineapples take two years to grow.

Heat is the deadliest weather condition.

Cows kill more people annually than sharks.

House cats share 95.6% of their genetic makeup with tigers.

Looking at puppies can make you more productive.

Some stray dogs in Cuba are given homes in state institutions including banks and museums.

Sweden is the world's highest candy consumer. Based on a 2016 study, Swedes consume 35 pounds of candy per person, per year. They dedicate every Saturday to eating candy.

Arthur Boycott checked out a school library book at Herford Cathedral School. His granddaughter returned it 120 years later. 

I hope you enjoyed today's selection of random facts. I hope you learned something new or interesting! Thanks for reading!!
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