Thursday, May 27, 2021

Here at the Library: Storybook Trail

Here at the Library

    Not really here at the library but created by the library! Located on the Sligo Spur of the Redbank Valley Trail in Lawsonham is our Storybook Trail. 

The red circle shows where the Storybook Trail is located in relation to Rimersburg

    The Storybook Trail was a collaborative effort between Eccles-Lesher Memorial Library, The Friends of the Library, and the Redbank Valley Trails Association. The trail features the book Sheep Take a Hike by Nancy E. Shaw. The book is described as a fun flock of sheep that is raring for a rugged hiking adventure. It's written in a rapid rhythum and rhyme style with colorful illustrations. A perfect book for a hiking, well walking, adventure! 

    The trail consists of 30 signs that showcase the pages of the book. Your walk will be slightly less than a mile round trip. The first part of the story is on the way out with the remainder on the opposite side of the sign posts on the way back. 
    On May 24th, several of the Friends of the Library and their husbands, a few community volunteers, Sandy Mateer of the RVTA, and myself gathered at the Lawsonham trail head to put the Storybook Trail in place. 

In addition to the story, our Friends of the Library placed a 'Little Library' on the trail. The little library is stocked with donations from the bookstore located in the upper level of the library. We stocked it with a variety of novels and children's books! The general rule for a little library is give a book, take a book, but if there is something you really want to read feel free to borrow and return! 
Digging through the railroad gravel was quite a job!

    On the gate to the Sligo Spur is a guest book, please sign it and let us know you've been there!! 
    This was a big project and will hopefully be well loved. With a good response we will be able to do this again, with a new book, next year!


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