Friday, June 11, 2021

Here at the Library: Letterboxing

 Here at the Library


    As part of our Summer Reading program this year, we are incorporating Letterboxing. Letterboxing is an outdoor hobby that combines elements of orienteering, art, and puzzle-solving.
    You may have heard of Geocaching. Geocaching employs the use of a GPS (global positioning device) to find the cache. Letterboxing is similar however, it uses clues, usually found online, that will lead you to the location of the box. Sometimes a compass is needed.
    Letterboxes are small weatherproof containers that are hidden in publicly accessible places such as parks, trails, or landmarks. You can find the directions to letterboxes at or

The following instructions are for traditional letterboxing, for our Summer Reading letterboxing you just need a piece of paper or notebook. If you forget there is a small notepad in the box.

What do you need to letterbox? A letterboxing journal. Each box contains a stamp and usually a stamp pad. Use your journal to collect stamps from the different boxes you visit. In your letterboxing kit, you will also want a stamp that is all yours. Use your personal stamp to mark on the letterbox's logbook that you were there. The owners of the boxes like to see all different colors on their logbooks so you may also want to bring your own ink pad.

Summer Reading Instructions:

In the Summer Reading packet that was sent home from school there was a page with the title 'Area Adventures.' The six locations that the letterboxes will be hidden are:

1. The Railroad Turntable near Phillipston

2. The Railroad Tunnel near Climax

3. The North Country Trail near Parker

4. The Coke Ovens on the Redbank Valley Trail near New Bethlehem

5. The Coaling Tower on the Armstrong Trail near Redbank. Where the Armstrong Trail meets the Redbank Valley Trail

6. The Brady's Bend Overlook 

The clues will be posted on June 15th on the Activity Post on this blog.

Here is what the boxes look like:

Inside is a stamp, ink pad, and a small pad of paper. As I said before, you should take a pad of paper with you, but if you forget use a piece of the notepad. The stamp and ink color identify where you found the letterbox, please don't remove them. Use the ink pad and stamp to mark your paper. Bring, or send a photo of the stamp to me for your entry for the grand prize.

Make sure that you put the box back where you got it and that it's hidden from view! If you have any questions as to how letterboxing works feel free to ask me! You can message me on our Facebook or Instagram pages, or email me at, or stop into the library!

Don't forget, clues will be posted on June 15th!!

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