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Letterbox Instructions

Summer Reading Letterbox Instructions

Please Read Carefully and Follow All Instructions

 Below you will find directions to each of the six letterboxes that have been placed for our Summer Reading event. Each box has a different stamp and ink color that identifies which box was found. To claim your entry for the Playstation, either bring in the stamped paper or take a picture of it and send it to me via email at or send a dm through our Facebook or Instagram. Include your name and phone number in any of the above communication. 

Refer to this post about letterboxing if you aren't sure how to letterbox:

If you decide to letterbox, please replace the box and its contents exactly how you found them.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Thank you and have fun!



North Country Trail letter box

Location:  Parker PA

Boxes  1


This box is located at the Parker Trailhead of the Allegheny River Trail.  To reach the trail head look for the North Country Trail sign located on Route 368 at the Clarion County end of the Parker Bridge.  If coming from Parker, turn left at the North country trail sign. If coming from Sligo/Callensburg turn right at the North Country Trail sign.  Continue short distance down the dirt road to the Parker Trailhead.  Stand at the start of the paved trail, just before the yellow posts.  Look behind and under the first large rock on your left to locate the box

Printable Link:


Brady’s Bend Overlook Letterbox

Location: Brady’s Bend Overlook

Boxes 1

Park in the Scenic Overlook parking lot.

Head NE toward the wooden fenced-off area, stopping at the line of stones across the path.

Turn left to face the large boulder sculpture standing on an asphalt area.

Walk to the boulder.

Take 5 paces past it to the overlook chainlink fence to a concrete slab on the ground.

You will find the letterbox hidden under a broken chunk of concrete near the upper right corner of the slab near the fence

Printable Link:


Phillipson Turn Table

Location:  Rimersburg, PA

Boxes:  1


This box is located at the Phillipston Trailhead of the Armstrong Trail.  The address is 94 North Apple St. Rimersburg, PA 16248.  The road to this area is accessed from Rt. 68, approximately 1 mile east of East Brady and 6 miles west of Rimersburg,  There is a sign on Rt. 68 to the East Brady Rod & Gun Club at the top of the Phillipston Rd.  This is where you turn to reach the trailhead.

The turntable is located close to the trailhead.  There is a sign indicating the Railroad Heritage area of the Armstrong Trail.  Proceed a short distance on the limestone trail following it into the the turntable area.  Once you've arrived at the historical marker there is a cement sidewalk leading to a refurbished area of the the turntable.  Follow the sidewalk until it ends.  Immediately to your right there is a crevice by a large rock.  The box is located in the crevice.

Printable Link:


Coaling Tower on Armstrong Trail

County:  Armstrong


Boxes:  1


Directions for accessing by bike trails: The coaling tower in 1/2 mile From the Redbank Trailhead of the Armstrong Trail.  It is 3 miles from the turntable in Phillispston near that trailhead.  It's a short distance, and is visible, from the junction of the Redbank and Armstrong trails.  If you access the Redbank Trail in Lawsonham, it's about 6 miles south.


To access the Redbank Trailhead by road, you need to travel through the small village of Redbank.  The Redbank road is located 2 miles southwest of Widnoon.  Once you are on the Redbank Road there is a sign that says No Outlet.  The road ends at the trailhead, approximately 3 miles.  There are directional signs on the trail.....  .5 mile to Coaling Tower.


Once you've arrived, stand between the historical marker and the wall of the coaling tower, facing the river.  Walk approximately 17 paces to the opposite edge of the trail(the river side).  Look under the log directly in front of you!

Printable Link:


Coke Ovens Letterbox

County: Clarion

Boxes 1

From the Redbank Valley Trailhead in New Bethlehem near Zack's Restraunt, head toward Climax/ South Bethlehem. 

Walk/Run/Bike approximately a mile and a half. You will cross over the new trail bridge where the trail washed out. The Coke Ovens are on your left just after you cross the bridge.

There is a sign that tells about the Coke Ovens and what they were used for. Just past the sign is a large flat rock. The Letterbox is located directly across the trail from the large flat rock, on the ground under the ledge and behind an easily moved rock. 

Printable Link:



Climax Tunnel

County: Clarion

Boxes 1

From the parking area for the Redbank Valley Trail in Climax.

Walk into the tunnel headed toward New Bethlehem.

The metal bracing of the tunnel has a slight jut out about 30 feet into the tunnel. The area is distinguished by chain link fence. 

On the right side of the tunnel, inside the first metal brace at the bottom. You will find the letterbox behind a rock. 

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