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Linda's Book Reviews: Guest Review

 Linda's Book Review

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
Guest Review by Kelly

    First I have to say, I didn't read this book in the traditional way, I listened to the audiobook. If you didn't read last Thursday's Here at the Library post on audiobooks I will tell you that I listen to audiobooks of stories that come highly recommended but I don't necessarily want to take time to actually READ. This book was excellent. The narrators made the story come alive. If you've ever wanted to try an audiobook, Fangirl is a good place to start.  

    Fangirl is a coming of age story that is smart, funny, and genuine. The story focuses on Cather, an 18 year old entering into her first year of college with her twin sister Wren. I identified with Cather, who is somewhat of an introvert and nerd. She's fascinated by the Simon Snow series, which I would compare to Harry Potter. Cath writes FanFiction as Magicath and tells her own version of how the story ends.
    Cath doesn't want to party, she's afraid to leave her dorm room, her roommate is weird, her sister doesn't want to hang out. The only things she has are class and Simon. As the story progresses, Cath finds her own place...her own identity without her sister...without being a twin. The story makes it's way from a lighthearted tale that is quirky and upbeat, moves to a darker story about mental health, and shifts back to fun and intriguing. 

    I enjoyed Cath a lot. I enjoyed her finding her own path and relationships. I enjoyed Levi more..but that's all I'll say lest I give too much away! 

    In the audiobook, there were two different narrators, a woman who told the main story...Cath's story,  and a man with an English accent who read the excerpts of Simon Snow's story. This made the story. I enjoyed it immensely! If you choose to read the physical book and enjoy Cath's version of Simon's story, you can read it in Rainbow Rowell's next book Carry On and the one after that Wayward Son (the geek that I am can't help but think of Supernatural, if you know you know) and the final book in the Simon and Baz trilogy Any Way the Wind Blows. 

    I listen to audiobooks when I'm exercising, doing chores, driving, etc. and I found myself looking for things to do so I could listen to more of the book! Give it a shot and let me know what you think! 

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